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Force Gauges - Tensiometers

DILLON Quick-Check
Wire rope tension measuring device

The Quick-Check can be attached on wire ropes in seconds. Immediately you will be able to read on the large digit LCD screen the measured tension.

There are two models of Quick Check available for different range of tension forces.

Being production since1937 DILLON has supplied to the American Army many different products, including the Quick-Ckeck. These wire rope tension measuring devices have been built to have acurasy and durabiliy in the forefront and they are easy to use.



DILLON Quick-Balance
Multi-wire-rope tension measuring device

The appeareance of both Quick Check and Quick Balance are identical. The firmware though and the purpose of application is different. Whenever there is more than one wire rope connected to the same fastening point (like cabins of elevators) in order to distribute the load equal on each rope, the "Quick-Balance" is used. The device will tell the operator which of the wire needs more tension and which has to be loosened slightly. The work of the service technician will be very easy and time will be saved.


Quick-Check & Quick-Balance
Application Videos:
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X-Force Gauge & U
-Force Gauge
Mechanical devices to measure push / pull forces

 - X-Force Gauge: There are diffrerent models/ranges available giving measuring capability from 0-25 KG to 0-10.000KG. Different type of fittings can be chosen. These fittings heve to be specified at time of order.
 - U-Force Gauge: Different ranges from 0-10KG to 0-2.500KG are available. Under pressure application, the metal block of these mechanical dynamometrs act as a spring, indicating the force on the dial. The "Max pointer" will keep showing the maximum applied force. Before next measurement the max pointer is placed back to the zero position. Dials with KG or Pound divisions can be ordered.

The image above is showing the XC Force Gauge




DILLON   GL Force Gauge (Dynamometer)
Digital push - pull force measuring device

EThe GL force gauge is an electronic dynamometer measuring push and pull forces with highresolution and accuracy. The RS232 port enables serial communicaton, measurement data can be sown and processed on the computer. Different models for measurement of of up to 50 KGf are available. more information is available on product catalogues.


DILLON GL Force Gauge - Electronic Dynamometer




DILLON Loadcell & Indicator
Custom configurations for force measurement

Multi-purpose force / weight measurement system:
The Dillon FI-521 indicator with red LED display is a solution for many different and complex force and weight measurent needs. The FI-127 is used with one or more loadcells. Silo/ fluid tanks content level measurement, all kind of weight measurement, pulling tests, tension forces on hanging systems, push-pull forces on test equipments can be done with the correct loadcells from a wide range of capacities and models.
On the right side there are brochures you may download. Detailed information as well as technical specifications are available in the product brochures. For more information and help to select the the product combination which will fit best, do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales specialists will be happy to help you.





NAGATA Crane Scales

  • HA Serisi
  • HB Serisi
  • HC Serisi
  • HL Serisi

DILLON Dynamometers

  • EDjr - ED Junior
  • EDx - ED Extreme
  • Mechanical Dynamometers

Overload Control Switches

  • Cranegard
  • Dyna-Switch

Force Gauges - Tansiometers

  • QuickCheck & QuickBalance
  • U/X-Force Gauge, mechanical
  • GL Electronic Force Measurer
  • Loadcells and Indicators


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Mechnical ForceGauge

Dillon X Force Gauge























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Dillon Indicator
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Dillon Loadcell




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