Tube Deburring - Bar Peeling


Uting FORCE & FLOW Watcher

For Tube Inside Deburring Systems

How much force is applied on the cutting ring and tow-bar? Is the tool deburring?
Is sufficient cooling fluid flowing through the impeder? Does your impeder have a hole or is it stuck ?
UFFOW has the answers.
UFFOW will continuously watch and whenever necessary, warn the operator.
In case of emergency UFFOW will stop the machine to protect tooling and machinery.

Where is it installed?

The UFFOW comes as a complete system consisting of a Central Processing Unit with display, and signal generating devices for force and cooling fluid. The Uting Force and Flow Watcher – UFFOW has been developed and produced specially for use on inside scarfing systems. Sensors for the detection of forces are attached to the Mounting unit of your inside scarfing system. The flow measuring sensor is connected in series to the fluid line, close to the inlet. The Central Processing Unit with display and audio-visual warning function is attached to a place where the operator can easily observe measured values and can reach the buttons of the device.
The above picture is showing a perfect location for the UFFOW.

How does UFFOW Work?

Signals coming from the sensors are continuously evaluated. The display is showing the minimum and maximum set values of the working range for the pulling force and the volume of cooling fluid. If measured values are out side of the working range, UFFOW will give a visual and audio warning signal. UFFOW has 3 relays which will change their contact position depending on the warning signals. They can be used for an external siren and flasher. The third relay may stop the machine in case of emergency like continuous overload or breaking off of tow bar. The maximum and minimum limits of the working range can be changed during operation. While the changing takes place, UFFOW is not bypassed and will continue to watch the system.  


Shows live and history values of FORCE: On the display the operator can read the cutting-pulling force applied to the cutting ring and the tow bar.  Multi-read live values are refreshed each second. At the same time, history values of certain time intervals will be shown to get an idea of the trend of change for the pulling force. The time intervalls to show history values can be changed easily by the operator via the pushbuttons on the UFFOW. For example an interval setting of 10 minutes means that the operator can see what the measured values were 30 – 20 – 10 minutes ago and what is the value now. This makes easier to anticipate whether the time to turn or to change the cutting ring or the impeder is coming or not. 

Shows the live and history values of cooling fluid FLOW: The above explanation also applies to the water flow. The cooling fluid volume flowing through the system will be read. Whenever a change in the volume of water flowing through the system is observed it can be decided if there is need for an intervention. For example an increase in the volume of cooling fluid may be a sign for a leaking impeder which may have burn-hole while a reduction in flow volume may indicate a clogging of the impeder. 

Warns by audio-visual signals and gives relay outputs: The UFFOW has a built-in bright flasher and a well heard 90 dB sharp sound buzzer to give audio-visual warning signals as a call sign for the operator to make some necessary changes. for both the tone and light signal, there are built in relays. They may give signals to your system or activate an external flasher and siren. The third relay can be connected in series with the emergency stop line of the machine. So, UFFOW may stop the machine after a certain time if the tow bar is subject to extreme high pulling forces because it got stuck in the tube or UFFOW may stop the machine immediately, in case it is detected that the tow bar is broken off and is carried away. This will prevent that the tool comes under the saw. Your tool will be saved and possible damage to your cutting machine will prevented.

Increase of efficiency, quality and reduce of scrap: In practice, the operator is not always asking the people to check the inside of the tube. It is anticipated that the inside scarfer is doing its job. What if not? How many tubes are already in the bundle which are not deburred? These may be taken out of the bundle but tey are definitely not products your customer wants to receive. Scrap them? UFFOW will prevent scrap! If for example the cutting ring is broken, or not scarfing as expected, the operator will be warned.

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