About Us

UTING - Where does the name come from?

Our company was established in 2001. With the experience coming from the tube manufacturing mother company Tüzün Corporation since 1974, we know quite well the needs of the industry for an uninterupted and efficient work environment. Some of the products we actually brought for ourselves and our colleagues in the industry had been liked very much. The reputation of their contribution to efficiency has created a demand in diverse industries. From the metal processing industry to the automobile industry, from the ship building industry to the aerospace industry we have become the supplier for many companies.  The key of this success was the trust in our company and the products we were delivering. Our founder Ünal Tüzün was an Engineer. A smart businessman who had studied Mechanical Engineering in Germany, a country reminding people for terminologies like “discipline” and “knowledge”. The word Engineer is written as INGENEUR in German. He has put his Initials in front of this word and created the brand UTING. The company culture and philosopy having roots of “German Efficiency” continuously is bringing us success. It is normal that others want to copy you. But we all know that there are things you can’t copy. And we all know that “copies make live the original”.

UTING - Reliable, Responsive, Innovative

We are offering products which have proven themselves as the best ones compared with the others on the market.  Most of them are used also by ourselves in our production and service facilities. Their price-quality ratio make them the first choice of customers who calculate cost and focus on hight quality of their products. The robustness of the products makes it possible to render an uninterrupted service going over years. This characteristic gives them reliability and makes them the most profitable investment for the long run.  They are produced and continuously further developed by companies having the highest standards of the industry.  You can be sure that we are and will only be offering products of which their quality first have impressed ourselves.  

From us, you won’t just get a product of high quality. To receive a high quality and speedy repair, maintenance and calibration service whenever needed is very important too. We believe to have the most wide variety of spare parts and finished products on stock. Our experienced sales and and technical team, backed up by our warehouse, is always ready to give a high quality and speedy service.

Our company has set up the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and has a structure to adapt to environmental changes and necessities of the business. To follow high standards for quality of service and to focus on needs of the customers is always our priority..  

UTING has started its business activities with the distribution of  diverse industrial products of which some were widely used in the marine sector. Industrial radioremote control systems, crane scales, dynamometers, diverse force control and measurement systems have been the main product groups. Customization according to customer needs resulted as a part of customer care and focusing on needs.

One of the product group consists of thermal printing systems. Mobile, kiosk type and easy to integrate panel printers for industrial and multi-purpose use are delivered to B2B and end usersdirectly from stock.
Our company is also in the business of special cutting tools and inserts. Representing the German company Saar Hartmetall und Werkzeuge GmbH, we supply tube manufacturers and bar peeling companies with al kinds of carbide inserts, rolls and tools needed on their production machinery. Recently, the production of the FFC (Force & Flow Check – Electronic control device for tube lines) had started at our facilities, where Saar Hartmetall is the exclusive distributor worldwide.

As one of the latest diversification, it was decided to be more active on the marine industry. Boating, was always a passion of our founder, Mr. Tüzün. The maintenance works done for boats of friends has established the path for a new business opportunity. We came to an agreement with the American company FORMULA, well known for ist upscale sports boats. As the exclusive dealer for Turkey and Greece we started to import and market FORMULA BOATS.  Now we bring fun and excitement to your life with spsrts boats and yachts from 24 to 50 feet which are the perfect combination of performance and comfort.

As UTING Elektronik we used to offer you the best products among similar ones on the market while also giving a high quality service. So we will do in the future! 

You can be sure that the same UTING Marine will follow the same philosophy.

You may learn more about UTING Marine  and its fascinating products by visiting e www.formulaboatsturkey.com 

News from UTING

As the representant of  company SAAR HARTMETALL from Germany, we have been on the TUBE & STEEL Exhibition in İstanbul – Turkey, held between the 24th – 27th of May, 2023. Products for the Tube manufacturing and bar peeling Industry have been exhibited. The very efficient Impeders – welding ferrites, inside and outside scarfing inserts and tools, Cut-Off knives have taken the attention of customers and visitors, as usual.  

The new SIM welding impeder system with one-way impeders, inner bead cutting rings of special geometry, new coatings for different application areas and the advantages of the inside scarfing check and control System FFC has taken the special attention of visitors. 

SAAR HARTMETALL is not only producing the carbide inserts for peeling but also parts like the peeling head, feed and quide rolls, holders and casettes as wel as end chamfering tools which need production processes of precision. The advantageous prices and the high quality of produts, boosting the efficiency of companies has brought SAAR HARTMETALL, many highly satisfied customers all around the world and in Turkey.